LR Paris

Creative Excellence. Since 1959.

Who We Are.

At LR Paris, our mission is to create permanent impressions between your brand and your most valued audience.

Established in Paris in 1959, we have over half a century of experience as a bespoke design and manufacturing agency.

Focused on the Corporate and Consumer markets, we are engineered to help businesses achieve their goals through imagining and producing objects of value, meaning, and lasting personal significance.

50 Years of Permanent Impressions.

LR Paris translates your business objectives into objects of beauty. In an environment where time is our most valuable resource and in which moments of true surprise have become increasingly rare, we help you capture the imagination and respect of those most important to you and your business.

For our loyal clientele — from financial leaders and luxury brands to top universities and the White House — we create products that reward valued customers and clients.

Along side traditional advertising, social media and printed materials, LR Paris creates products for your brand that deliver permanent, tangible impressions.

Among Our Clients.

Weekend bag produced exclusively for the President of the United States of America
Sterling silver key produced exclusively for Harvard University
Porcelain box produced exclusively for the Plaza Hotel

Considered Design.

Under the vision of esteemed American industrial designer Frederick McSwain, LR Paris engages with our clients to collaborate in design. From a simple umbrella design to a complex packaging project, our clients are fully integrated into the imagination, concepting and conceptual development of their object.

Turn-Key Product Development.

Product development can be a complex process, we make it systematic, interactive and approachable. With a final design, LR Paris will convert the design into production specifications, identify the manufacturer that is best suited for development, manage the pre-production sampling, modifications and final launch into production and quality control. The result is a simplified approach and the delivery of a new product.

Glass Pen and Leather Sleeve produced exclusively for George Washington University
Silk Square produced exclusively for the Lyric Opera of Chicago
LR Paris leather travel and desk accessories

Global Access.

LR Paris’ access to a network of refined artisans and manufacturers around the world is unrivaled. For decades, they’ve helped us ideate and create beautiful objects with heart and dedication to detail. Our clients have the ability to create with us a rarified single object or thousands at a time. Our design aesthetic and quality are unwavering.

Be Remembered.

Custom Gifts

Gifting an object of any value from a business to an individual is a direct reflection of your brand. We create brand ambassadors.

Retail Products

Innovative design and perfection in production is critical for retail product development. We deliver both.

Packaging Design

We believe the first impression matters. Our approach to packaging respects this philosophy and delivers impact before the bow is untied.

Our History.

Founded in 1959 by Jean Lemaire, LR Paris was born of a desire to give gifts of meaning. Then a Chasseur in the French military, Lemaire was discouraged when seeking out a symbol of his regiment worthy of presenting to foreign officers and Heads of State. The only option, he decided, was to found his own company to fill this void. Lemaire travelled the world unearthing the most treasured materials and sourcing the most talented artisans in order to design and produce objects “Pro Honore et Amore”—for honor and for love.

Over fifty years later, his grandson, company President Charles Dolige, carries on his family’s tradition. The world has only grown larger, but the moments that mean the most to each of us have become few and far between. LR Paris still strives to create those moments of significance through the design and fabrication of one-of-a-kind objects.


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Umbrella produced exclusively for Carlton House
Canvas Tote designed and produced exclusively for Lladro