Charles Doligé, Partner at LR Paris:
Our goal is to be present in multiple states across the US

Charles Dolige, CEO of LR Paris, answered questions from the Advertising Specialty Institute on the consequences of the current pandemic on employment in the US in general, and how it has affected his company.

With the unprecedented expansion of remote work, many businesses today have access to highly qualified candidates, freed from geographic constraints. This new work environment has become a real asset for businesses, as well as employees who can aspire to positions throughout the country.

For Charles Dolige it’s a great advantage to be able to search for talent all over the United States. It means new business in cities and regions where the company isn’t established yet.

Another positive result of the change imposed by current events: LR Paris can now develop new local markets and a national presence.
There is no longer a need to open physical offices to establish a commercial team in new areas. No more need to bring development directors around a table, or even to meet clients in their offices.

New markets, new industries, new geographic areas: recruitment can now be based solely on a candidate’s professional talents.
LR Paris continues its conquest of new commercial centers. After New York and Washington DC, LR Paris has opened 3 new offices since the start of the year: Atlanta, Chicago, and North Carolina. And this is just the beginning!

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