Living the American Dream: Another Industry Recognition for LR Paris

Charles Dolige was recently named “ DISTRIBUTOR SALESPERSON OF THE YEAR FINALIST” by the Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI), the promotional product industry’s largest membership organization.

This is yet another recognition for the LR Paris team which, since 1959, has built its unique vision of Branded Product Solutions.

Thanks to a unique personalized, consultative approach and an analysis of the client’s objectives, LR Paris evolves with its customers’ needs.

Summary of the article published in ASICENTRAL.COM

A native of France, Charles Doligé, partner at LR Paris, arrived in the United States 20 years ago with a vision: to take his family’s business to the next level. His grandfather founded LR Paris in 1959 as a provider of fine gifts for government dignitaries.

Charles started out living in New York and now makes his home in Washington, D.C., to be closer to government clients. Since 2001, LR Paris has produced gifts for the Bush, Obama, Trump and recently the Biden administrations, as well as for the Department of State. “This country is an amazing land of opportunity” says Doligé.

 “The White House entertains a lot,” he says. “The gift exchange is very important because it shows who you are and what you represent.”

The company’s clientele has expanded over the years to a number of government and military institutions. Fortunately, even during the pandemic, combined with an election year and thriving corporate clients, LR Paris’ sales were up 25% from 2019 to 2020, for which Charles is quick to credit his team’s support along the way. The company, headquartered in New York City, with offices in Washington, D.C., Paris and Bangkok, recently opened in Atlanta and North Carolina.

“We’ve grown by word-of-mouth,” he says. “We work with both Republicans and Democrats, and when you work with the highest person in the country, other clients know they can trust you.”

Part of that trust, says Doligé, is knowing when you have to tell a customer that something isn’t possible. “The worst salesperson is someone who always says yes,” he explains. “How can the client trust them? It’s a collaborative approach. Clients need us to tell them what to do and we have the experience to do that. For most marketing people, the product is a small part of their job, so they ask us for advice. If they don’t trust you, they won’t want to work with you.”

Since 1959, LR Paris has worked with over 4,000 clients across most industries, including American Express, BNY Mellon, Edition Hotels, Marriott Bonvoy, Moet Hennessy, Related, MAC Cosmetics, Boeing or Blue Origin to name a few.

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