It’s summer: time to relax, lie on the beach, slow down, get away from it all.

But it’s also time to start thinking about the fall. And for many, this means wondering whether or not to go back to the office in September.

Like so many companies that switched to remote work during the pandemic, we at LR Paris have been thinking about it too.

There’s been no mandatory decision. Because at LR Paris we have always taken our relation-ships to heart. It’s what allows us to have a positive workplace and successful results. In the US, France and Asia, we’ve exchanged with our teams to determine how to handle this next phase. Quite a few have expressed their desire to go back to the office while others have adjusted to working from home and would appreciate a hybrid solution. One thing is certain: everyone feels the need to come together again, which is why we’re looking forward to bringing back our tradition of monthly themed lunches.

Our clients are asking themselves the same questions.

Many of our clients expect to have employees returning to the office in September. Management teams are already gearing up to provide a warm and reassuring welcome to their teams. Because as we all know, nothing will ever be the same again.

We’ve been partnering closely with many of our clients to help them give their employees the empathetic welcome they deserve. And we’ve been working client by client, need by need. For each one our single goal was to find the best approach, and design the most adapted branded products, while working the logistics to make sure each welcome back gift arrives to the right person, and on time.

For example, one of our financial clients was looking for a solution that would inspire a feeling of surprise and discovery. Our in-house team came up with a global solution, to provide the employees with a complete gifting experience: an elegant gift box with a selection of five very different products all reflecting the brand’s aesthetic and identity. As a final touch to the gifting experience, an individual note from the CEO was included in each box, so that everyone feels welcome when they return to their desk for the first time in over a year.

People remain the bond that holds a company together.

Showing appreciation to employees, especially during such an important moment, is a chal-lenge the LR Paris teams understand and love to meet. If all goes well, in a few weeks, millions of employees are going to go back to their previous professional environment, but not exactly as they used to. It is often with small gestures that we can make tomorrow’s world a much bet-ter place than the one we left behind 18 months ago.

If you’re looking for complete gifting solutions for your teams returning to the office, contact us today